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Cat Overpopulation Planned Endeavor
TNR Program
What we do:
1.  Provide information to help feral cat caregivers through the TNR process, including:
A list of veterinarians who perform low-cost feral cat sterilizations.
Humane trap loans for the purpose of TNR.
2. Offer adoption placement for friendly strays and socialized kittens from feral colonies.

3. When resources allow, helping those on disability with their TNR efforts.  Funds permitting, supplement
    or pay for feral cat sterilizations.

4. Provide food to senior feral cat caregivers or those in financial need, when available.

5.  Offer creative, flexible options to help defray costs of sterilizing larger colonies.
What we do not do:
1. Trap and transport your feral cats to the veterinarian.

2. Trap and remove unwanted cats.

3. Take feral kittens found outside for bottle-feeding or socialization.

4. Take unwanted cats to "the barn" (because it doesn't exist).
What you can do:
1. Make a commitment to manage your feral colony.

2. Get started with TNR.

3. Socialize feral kittens under the age of 10 weeks for adoption placement.

4. Rescue friendly strays from feral colonies for adoption placement through Shelters in the area.
  (list available)